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The iPad Air screen ,except thinner and lighter ,the performance also improve 8 times too.iPad air promoted their own industrial design greatly .the weight less from 1.4 pounds to 1 pounds ,and the thickness from 9mm to 7.5mm ,the size of the screen is 9.7 ”

Why iPad Air is so thickness?

iPad Air screen used IGZO technology,it make the screen need less power ,more thinner and light .

Ray Soneira’s latest assessment confirmed that the screen’s material was changed from the amorphous silicon (a – Si)to indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO).
In the past few years, there was tumors that the apple will be using the IGZO and Sharp trying at the same time,but now apple used this material to their own products finally .


Soneira said that one of the most obvious evidence is the battery test.Compared to the past, the efficiency of energy consumption increased 57%,
and a-si cann’t make such a huge promotion.since electron mobility of IGZO is higher than a – Si, so the demand of electricity is lower.

Compared with ipad 4th generations, the parameters of screen is increased,reflection coeficient of screen decreased by 23%,
the peak intensity increased by 7%,the contrast ratio developed 32% under the highlighting environment.and Color fidelity and image contrast are pretty good.

Why the screen experience is much difference between ipad air and iphone 5s

iPad screen is much bigger than iphone ,so the light receiving area bigger than iphone under the same hand hold condition as well .so the reflective phenomenon is seriously.
And iPhone 5 used in-cell touch technology is different from ipad air GF2 touch technology ,since less hierarchical of in-cell.
So the light transmittance is much better than GF2 .
Compared to iphone ,the gross profit of ipad is less ,all senior process and expensive parts are used to iphone.

the screen used for Touch devices can be divided into three layers:

1.the old way :joint part B and C(glue) separate assembly part A .In this way, there is air gap between A and BC,
and the air gap will develop the light refection , so need higher brightness outdoor.
And may into the dust after used for a long time.
all models(including the ipad Air but not the ipad mini with Retina display)and all phones before iphone 4 are used this technology.
Benefits of this technology is higher conformity rate,low cost and easy to maintenance.

2. The new iPhone 4 listed in 2010 used PPI Retina screen, more importantly, its lcd display screen after two joint, A and B, B and C, three layer are jointed together.
That’s why many people complain that the cost is high to replace screen.because you need to be replaced ABC full set even if just C was broken .

3. Then the iPhone 5 listed in 2012,the screen used in – cell technology, the difference between the iPhone 4 is that the A and B,
the LCD panel and touch digitizer was integrated together not glue.
of course,you also need use glue to joint C outer protection glass lens(iPhone using corning gorilla glass) even after AB were integrated together.

4. There is another OGS scheme which touch module manufacturers dominant low-cost ,that mean the fusion of the touch screen digitizer(B)and Outer glass lens(A)(without glue)
the defect of this screen is that the trength and toughness of outer protection glass lens is not too fragile, not adopted by the apple company.

How to solve the reflective problem of iPad air on technology ?

1. With no air gap all joint technology.
Solution is to Laminate the 2 parts glass with OCA glue .
(divided into “vacuum attaching” under vacuum and “atmospheric fit” under normal physical environment),
solve inconsistent of the refractive index and increase the whole light transmittance of “touch+panel”.

2. Through adjust the screen brightness by positive light detector of device.

Nowadays ,the display device is pursuit the wide Angle IPS, MVA technology etc.,which need to be coordinated with demand of reflective in a certain extent.
technology solutions of Reflective, such as light detector, etc., which is consume power and subject to the power capacity .

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