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Broken ipad 2 Screen

Firstly,you need to dry the glue to soft with hair dryer ,then open it with no.4 tool and fix it with no.1 tool .

Secondly,Undo the 4 screws on the corner !

Thirdly ,Put the Bubble cotton on the screen to protect LCD panels

Fourth,Turn the LCD panel around

Fifth,Open the buckle and pull the wire of LCD panel

Sixth,Take the LCD panel out and note the Camera

Seven:Open the 2 buckles of the screen

Eight:Pull the flex cable of the screen and note the 3 Batterry

Nine:Replace the home button and camera lens to new screen .

Ten:Connect the ribbon cable of new screen to the motherboard

Eleven:Connect the flex cable of LCD panel to the motherboard as well

Twelve:Then locked the LCD panel and cover the new screen,and test the function before sticked adhesive !

Thirteenth:then stick the 3M double-sided adhesive will be ok !

Same as new ipad !

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