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First of all,you should shut down the power of iphone 5s ,
to shut off the power is the first step to repair any enquipment.

First Step ,unscrew the plum blossom screws at the either side of the interface ,
you need the special screwdriver tools .

The second step,lift the screen with sucker ,you can hold the border with your other hand to help lift the screen,
but pls pay attention of the home button,since the touch ID fingerprint sensors have a wire connected to the motherboard.

Third step,to remove the wire which connected the touch ID with mainboard ,need a pry knife .
to pry the metal cover on the outer of touch ID connector with the pointed part of the knife.

The fourth step ,Pry the touch ID with the pry point ,to isolate them .

Five Step ,now ,you can open the screen greatly to check which parts are still need to disassembly.

Step 6,the wire of screen is understand this metal cover ,we need the disassembly this metal ,then ,we can isolate the screen from the fuselage.to isolate them we need cross screwdriver.

Step 7,2 flex cables show in the picture ,to pry them we need to use the flat head part of the knife.

Step 8 ,the screen was separated from the fuselage now ,pay attention not lose the screws and metals were just disassemblied.

Transfer components to new screen

一.To transfer the Touch ID sensor and home button assembly.

1.To unscrew the screws in the circle of the image ,we need a cross screwdriver,there is a small metal below it ,
you should remember the metal which side is up,and the metal should press the wire ,lest the wires will play together .

2.one hand hold the wire , you can open the small metal slowly with your other hand,there will be a large metal protect the home button.
then unscrew the 2 screws and uncover the large metal.

3.To pry out the home button with the pry knife careful,the home button was secured with adhesive,so it is not easy to pry it out.
Carefully ,do not damaged the wires which connected the touch ID.

4.You can separate the home button with Touch ID sensor from the damaged screen ,then install the home button to the new screen in turn steps.

二.To transfer the receiver, a front-facing camera, heat sink to a new screen.
1.unscrew followed 3 screws ,2 of them on the left is to fixed the earpiece speaker and bracket,the one on the right is to fix the heat sink at the back of screen.we need cross screwdriver.

2.take the receiver components out ,pls note ,there is Mosaic fixed on both side ,to lift the components we need to bent the components outward slightly to void break off.

3.take it out and put aside

4.the assembly line of front-facing camera was folded up under the border ,assembly the line carefully and pull it from the border slowly..

5.Under the receiver ,pry the wires at the right of screen loose by the pry knife ,take easy ,to void damage the wires which close to sensor .

6.Then unscrew the 4 screws in the picture ,they are the same , no difference to install them back .

7.Then you can take the heat sink and front-facing camera out together,there is a adhesive stuck the heat sink and wire of carema together.
as the picture show ,so to transfer them together is easier.

8.then install the heat sink ,receiver components and front-facing camera to the new screen in the contrary steps .

Install the screen
Now ,the new screen has been assembled ,then put the new screen on the machine,it is important to note that there are some mosais button on the top of the screen .
you need to align pressure ,it was closed at the sound of pa ,pls don’t force it ,need to align then press it .

Finally ,need to replace 2 fixed screws .

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