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1.Replace Screen : Screen for iPhone is Tempered Glass ,easy broken , so pls care do not drop your iphone 5c on the ground ,especially ,in cold winter .The LCD and Digititer was Preassembled ,can not be seperated .you must change the full assembly if there any little scrached .

2.No sound when have call ,the problem caused by fall your iphone5c .
Symptoms as: everything is fine when no call,all voices are gone once call.
The reason:the tap chip of the audio chip on the Motherboard was damaged , this chip made of glass which is provide the voice channel for voice phone . this chip is easy broken since made of glass .

3.iphone 5c water machine
Since the battery of the iPhone is built-in ,we can not disassembly the battery even the water in the phone .
Since the motherboard provide power all the time , it is easy to burn the components of motherboard out .it is wrong to dry in the sun or under a hair dryer .
Solution:If you are professional for repair ,pls disassembly the battery in time ,dry the battery will be ok .if can not disassembly since no tools , pls try to ask for help from the repairsman in time !

4.The Screen was dark .Symptom:you can see your screen in the bright places ,you can have call but the screen is not shine or dark.
Reasons:LCD is series lights ,and the motherboard can provide 18V(highest voltage) to lights of screen.the chip of lights will be damaged if the motherboard has water or the operating environment is humidity or electrostatic . to cause the screen not light.
Solution: Replace the light chip of the screen.

5.Cann’t Boot.Reasons:Water ,Dropped ,electrostatic.
Analysis:It was not able to detect if there little water in the phone.can not boot since the water insert from the charging port.
Dropped,the phone can be use when you just fell the phone,but can not boot after few days.it is a sequela performance .
Most commonly ,can not boot caused by electrostatic. the motherboard of iphone with short circuit protection function,the power will shut down automatical once there is electrostatic ,you need charging or press the home button and power key at same time in 15 seconds .You can not boot even you charging for the 2 first cases ,repair is the only way .

6.Iphone5c often suggested that (not special accessories for iphone) or (with audio interference, require to open the flight mode) etc.
the problem was caused by the water.Sometimes you can fix it by tear down and clear up , sometime is the problem of motherboard ,you need to repair the motherboard .

7.Sometimes , no sounds of receiver。phenomenon:
as you try to pressure on the receiver then be better when the receiver no sounds, The sound work in snatches, sometimes big noise.This question is generally caused by dropped. or you press it by accident, which leads to small deformation, caused the motherboard chip desoldering or chips broken, you need to replace a audio chip.


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