FLT points

How to get FLT points?

After becoming a registered user you can earn FLT points, here is how:

1. Purchasing Products: $100.00 = 100 FLT Points

Your reward points are equal to the order amount before shipping. Please note that you will be awarded the points after goods are shipped and the points will be deducted if you return the goods.

Example: If you’ve purchased an $82.00 item, and the shipping cost is $18.99, you would receive 82 FLT points.

2.Posting Reviews: 1 Review = 10 FLT Points; 1 Review with photos = 50 FLT Points

You will receive points when your reviews are approved. Only one review per item within an order will be valid for FLT points.

3. Website Activities: Earn FLT Points

You can earn points during ipartsoutlet’s regular activities, but the amount will depend on the event.

How to use FLT points:

1.Redeem them as cash while placing an order. 200 FLT points =USD $1.

Please note:

1.FLT Points Validity
-Points will be cleared annually. This year’s current points will not be cleared until December 31, 2015.

2.FLTPoints Deduction
-For any returned items, ipartsoutlet.com will deduct the corresponding FLT points from your account.

3.FLT Points Use Restriction
-FLT points cannot be used in combination with any other promotional coupons.

4.Other Regulations
- If an order is cancelled in which FLT points had been used, your FLT points would be credited back to your account.



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