Return policy

Return Policy

*All returns are processed within 2-5 business days.

At iParts Outlet we provide our customers with the same customer service, respect, and warranty policies that we expect in our repair locations. iParts Outlet prides itself on the highest quality parts with exceptional customer service and technical support. We understand the nature of the repair industry and extend our technical knowledge and experience to our customers.

Although our products are tested by hand throughout the supply chain, defects and issues will always be an unfortunate part of our industry. The details of this policy are discussed below:

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process and Requirements

1. RMA Documentation is required for all returns and exchanges and must be included in the return package. RMA’s may be requested by calling our customer service representative.

2. Warranty will not apply to parts that have been modified or improperly installed.

3. Return shipping is always paid by the buyer unless determined to be a shipping error.

4. All refunds will be posted as internal store credit unless agreed upon by iParts Outlet

5. Products sent to iParts Outlet without proper RMA Documentation will be returned to the customer at their cost.

6. All products must be returned to iParts Outlet in their original packaging with our seller mark attached. No returns will be accepted where the packaging has been altered.



*RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) #’s are required for all returns and exchanges.

1-15 Days: Customers have 1-15 days of merchandise purchase date for a full refund, if not damaged by the buyer. This policy is given to all products we offer and is accepted given any reason for return. Return shipping is always paid by buyer. No refund will be issued if the item has been altered by the buyer.

16-30 Days: All merchandise can be returned within the 16-30 day range after initial product purchase but may be subject to a 15% restocking-fee. Refunded amount will reflect current selling price or purchase price, whichever is lower. No refund will be issued if the item has been altered by the buyer.

31+ Days: No Refunds will be given after 31 days of initial purchase.



*RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) #’s are required for all returns and exchanges.

All defective merchandise, unless deemed otherwise, may be returned and exchanged for a replacement part within 30 days of initial part purchase.

Cross Shipping

iParts Outlet will not cross-ship any defect exchange/refund. In order to cross-ship a defective part, another part must be purchased and a refund will be applied upon receipt and testing of the defect part.

Shipping Errors

iParts Outlet works hard to minimize any shipping errors; however, we are aware that they can happen. In instances where a shipping error has occurred, we ask that you please report it immediately (2-4 business days) by calling 417-812-9719. In instances of incorrect shipments, iParts Outlet will cross-ship the correct part(s) and provide a return label for the return of the incorrect part(s).

Policy Abuse

iParts Outlet reserves the right to change our returns and exchanges policy by posting those changes to our website. Any customer that is deemed to be “abusing” our generous returns policy may lose the rights to further purchasing.

Policy Changes

iParts Outlet’ returns/exchanges/warranty policies are subject to change at any time, and no warning or notice is necessary.



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